Rolling Hills is a life-sim about opening your own sushi restaurant in a cozy village. Assume the “roll” of a budding sushi chef as you work to improve the lives of your neighbors and make new friends. With any luck, you’ll attract some new neighbors along the way, too!

  • Sushi Start a new life with your own fully-automated conveyor belt sushi restaurant
  • Friends Hang out at the cafe, join a roleplaying game, or test your knowledge at trivia night
  • Customize Collect furniture to improve your restaurant and build public works projects around town
  • Robots Train your sushi bot to keep the restaurant running... even after you’ve turned the game off!
  • Relax Go fishing for the freshest sushi or use the magnet rod to reel in trash and keep the river clean
  • Grow Build garden boxes to grow your own veggies


  • Release date: Soonish
  • Platforms: PC for sure and hopefully some consoles, too!
  • How can I help? You can wishlist on Steam, become a Patron, follow Rolling Hills on Twitter or Instagram, or join us on Discord. Thank you so much!
  • Do you have a presskit? Yep! Check it out here.
  • How can I contact you? matthew /at/