Rolling Hills is a friendly life sim about opening your own sushi restaurant in a cozy little village.

  • Start a new life with your own fully-customizable home and restaurant in Rolling Hills.
  • Make friends with a big cast of animal neighbors and hundreds of human tourists.
  • Craft your perfect sushi with classics like the California Roll and thousands of possible do-it-yourself rolls.
  • Grow your own veggies and reel in big fish while you make memories with your friends in the countryside.
  • Get a little help from your animal friends, each with unique skills to help you run the best restaurant ever.


  • Release date: 2020ish
  • Platforms: As many as possible without overwhelming our tiny team.
  • How can I help? You can become a Patron, follow @_rollinghills on Twitter, or join us on Discord. Thank you so much!
  • Do you have a presskit? Not yet! Sorry. Please check back soon for video and screenshots.
  • How can I contact you? matthew /at/
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Catch & Release, LLC is...

  • James Tillman Technical Director
  • Matthew Taylor Creative Director

Our talented freelancers for Rolling Hills include...

  • Julia Rangel 3D Character Artist
  • Aender Lara 3D Environment and Prop Artist
  • Brittany Graham Environment Concept Artist
  • Shae Humphries UI Artist
  • Maxo Composer
  • Ben Swallow Animator
  • Juan J. Lopez Character Concept Artist
  • Squid&Pig Logo