Star Billions: The Maiden Voyage

Lights flicker on a lonely spacecraft. The artificial intelligence crew of the Little Brother are arguing about their next decision. Each AI–from the starry-eyed military dog SARGE to the hyper-logical eagle EIN–believes it should be the one in charge. Unable to reconcile their differences, the AIs are doomed by indecision… until they discover a mysterious device that lets them reach across space and time to appeal to an impartial judge.

Your decisions make the difference.

My name is James Tillman. My brother Matthew and I spent the better part of this year making our first game with the help of some kind and talented friends. I created this blog to chronicle the development and release of Star Billions.

ROSIE, the Repair and Optimization System Intelligence.

If you’re reading this after December 8, 2015, do us both a favor and check out Star Billions on the App Store. If you want to write about Star Billions, tweet us and we’ll send you a promo code so you can check it out right away. Thanks!